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where to buy tulsi tea

Where to Buy

Tulsi tea is growing in popularity in the United States and Canada.  Although it is still not widely available in every supermarket, you may be able to find tulsi tea in some of your local stores.  If you wish to buy your tulsi tea locally, here are some stores you should check first:

  1. Indian Supermarkets – Almost all Indian supermarkets will sell tulsi tea.  The tea is originally from India, and if your town has an Indian supermarket it should be the first place that you try.

  2. Specialty Tea Shops – Any specialty tea store should carry several varieties of tulsi tea.

  3. Gourmet Supermarkets – You may also be able to find tulsi tea in gourmet supermarkets.  Gourmet stores often carry a wide selection of teas including tulsi varieties.

Where to Buy 
Tulsi Tea
  1. Health Foods Stores – Many health foods stores will carry tulsi tea.  Here are some that have been known to sell it.

  2. Whole Foods

  3. Trader Joe's

  4. Wegmans

  5. The Vitamin Shoppe

  6. Grocery Stores – You may be able to find tulsi tea in some regular grocery stores.  Just check the tea aisle the next time you are shopping.

Since tulsi tea is a specialty item, one of the best places you can purchase it is online.  Here are some of our favorite online sources for buying tulsi tea:

Click on any logo to go to the retailer's website where you can purchase the tulsi tea directly.